Utah Legal Online Sports Betting Guide

Utah State Flag SealThe extent of professional sports in the state of Utah is limited to NBA basketball through the Utah Jazz. There are also a few college athletic programs in the state to speak of. All in all, Utah is not a sports hub, but has enough to keep fans interested. Utah residents who follow teams from other regions in the US or around the world can also bet on their favorite teams and sports events legally through Utah sportsbooks that are licensed to provide services to players in the US.

This guide will explain how this is possible with the current legal status of US based sports betting in Utah and the US in general. We also provide access to industry leading sportsbooks that have been vetted by professionals and are verified to hold legitimate credentials for legal, licensed and regulated betting services. You can also visit our FAQ section below to get answers to commonly asked questions about sports gambling in the Beehive State.

Best Online Sportsbooks Accepting Utah Players
(Top 5 Most Reputable Sites For 2024)

Following are the industry leading legal Utah sports betting sites that are licensed to provide betting services to players around the world, including those in the state of Utah. They have each been vetted by our team of professional analysts, and have been approved for inclusion as legal, high quality sportsbook gambling destinations.

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Is Sports Betting Legal in Utah?

There are state and federal laws to consider in answering this question. We absolutely do not condone breaking the law, so we have to take a close look at the statutes that affect sports betting in Utah in order to answer accurately. Please keep in mind that we are not lawyers and are not trained in legal matters, and if you are seeking legal advice, you should contact an attorney. Utah state law does not permit any type of gambling in the state. You could say that the Beehive State is not gambling friendly in the least.

This being the case, you will not find any type of state licensed sports gambling options available. The state law does also ban operators of and participants in unlicensed and unregulated gambling, so it is crucial that you only access legally licensed and regulated gambling destinations in order to be compliant with the law. Based on Utah gambling laws, we can rule out any type of state sanctioned gambling.

Then we have federal laws to consider. The Federal Wire Act and Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. These two laws very effectively outlaw online and offline bookmaking services outside of the four exempted states, which include Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana. Short of traveling to one of these destinations, US based sports betting is out of the question. The only option left is to consider legally licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks.

US federal laws apply only to US based gambling, as does Utah state gambling laws. Legitimate offshore sportsbooks can legally offer their services to players around the world because they are located within jurisdictions that have specifically legalized sportsbook gambling for their region. This makes them legal operations, which do not violate any state or federal laws in the US. Therefore, it is legal for residents of Utah, and the USA in general, to access and participate at these gambling destinations. So while it may have taken a lot of explanation to qualify our answer, yes, it is legal to bet on sports in UT, as long as you know where to place your wager. You can review the state’s laws and statutes on the Utah State Legislature website.

What is the Legal Gambling Age in Utah?

Because there is no regulated gambling in the state, Utah gambling laws do not include a legal minimum age to participate. This being the case, the legal gambling age defaults to 21 years of age. Those UT residents found participating in online sports betting prior to their 21st birthday could find themselves in violation of the law and subject to prosecution. We strongly urge you to adhere to the gambling age requirements for participation in online sportsbook gambling in Utah.

Betting Trends for Sports Teams in Utah

The Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz isn’t packed full of superstar players. They have players like Trey Burke, Derrick Favors, Alec Burks and Rodney Hood. They’re not scaring any teams they play, and they’re probably going to miss the playoffs by more than a few games. However, when it comes to betting and ATS (against the spread) numbers, the Jazz actually surprise quite a few people.

ATS last season, the Jazz were actually 44-35-3, which is pretty good for a bad team. They were 11-5 in division games and 2-0 with more than four days of rest. They did well with rest in general, even going 27-17-1 after a day’s rest. This means that the Jazz when fresh can compete with anyone in the league.

This issue here, of course, is that the West is so deep that they’d need to be 90% with rest to actually compete for a playoff spot, and that’s very unlikely to happen. For right now, expect them to actually drop down a few percentage points next season ATS. They simply don’t have the talent to keep pace and to keep covering.

The BYU Cougars

Already 2-0 on the season, even ATS, the Cougars of Brigham Young University are surprising a lot of people and are ranked #19 in the nation. Of course, even if they went undefeated, they would probably never achieve a #1 ranking due to the fact that they play in an independent conference and will never be a champion in that realm. That’s one of the prerequisites for making the playoff: You need to win a championship. Just ask TCU and Baylor.

ATS last season, the Cougars weren’t that spectacular. They finished 5-8 and out of the top 25. Their best stat was covering 2-0 as away favorites, but the issue is that they’re not often favorites. They’ve defeated Nebraska and Boise State this season, but they have #10 UCLA next week, and probably won’t cover. But they do get some easy teams after that, before finishing with Missouri and Utah State. All told, we can realistically see a 7-6 ATS record for the Cougars this season.

BYU isn’t good enough to beat top-flight teams that are in the top-25 alongside them, but they are good enough to cover on teams who are well removed from the AP and Coaches’ polls. This is an instance where the schedule definitely matters. If BYU is going up against a team like Connecticut or Cincinnati, they’re a good pick. When they play Missouri in the SEC East, you might want to pick Missouri. Tigers can kill Cougars easily.

Frequently Asked Questions About Betting On Sports In Utah

If state and federal laws prohibit sports betting in Utah, how can there still be legal options for UT residents to bet on sports?

The state and federal laws that are in place to govern Utah sports betting, such as the Federal Wire Act and PASPA, only apply to US based gambling options. They do not apply to those licensed and regulated sportsbooks that are located outside of the US. These laws also do not specifically make it illegal for US or UT residents to participate at these types of gambling destinations. Gambling laws in the United States are very strict about prohibiting unlicensed and unregulated gambling, hence it is critical that you restrict your betting to only legally sanctioned destinations.

Will Utah Offer State Based Sports Betting in the Future?

We are not holding our breath. We are not anticipating seeing legal state licensed sports betting emerging in the state because of what would need to happen for this to be possible. For one, US federal laws would have to be changed to lift the ban on US based sports betting expansion, and Utah would have to significantly warm up to gambling. Those are not small tasks by any means, and as of now, nobody is highly motivated to make either of them happen. For the time being, legal offshore sports betting is the best option for Utah residents.

Where Do I Find Legal Sportsbooks Accepting Players From Utah?

The best way to find the top rated, legal and most secure options is to rely on professional input through guides like this one and others like it. Industry analysts that create these guides are best able to vet the credentials, security profile, legitimacy and quality of these gambling sites due to their experience both as a bettor and an industry professional. Brands that have been vetted and approved by respected professionals are the surest way to not land at a dangerous, questionable or undesirable gambling destination.

How Do I Get Started Betting on Sports Online?

Your first step is to select a sportsbook that you are interested in. The list provided in this guide contains legal destinations that have been vetted by experts. Using the provided link to securely access the site, go ahead and register for a player account. Once that is complete, we encourage you to spend some time exploring the site to make sure you approve of their environment, interface, offerings, banking suite and other features before you invest any money into betting. If you decide you approve of the site, go ahead and make your first deposit, carefully claiming any applicable welcome bonus offers. You are then ready to place your first bet!

How Do I Fund My Utah Sports Betting Account?

The most common way to fund your account is using a credit or debit card. Brands like Bovada claim a very successful track record in US credit card transaction approvals. I personally use my Visa there on a weekly basis and have never had any issues. Other popular methods include bank wire, person to person money transfer, prepaid voucher service, prepaid gift cards that are coded for International use, or echeck. You can check the banking suite at any sportsbook to see the list of deposit methods available.

Will I Get In Trouble For Betting at Offshore Sportsbooks?

No you won’t. There are no federal laws or Utah state laws prohibiting you from participating at legally licensed offshore sportsbooks that are subject to regulatory oversight. As long as you are selective about your gambling destination and careful to only access regulated options, then you are not in violation of the law.